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Google’s Project Fi is now open to the public

Project Fi is Google’s take on cell phone service. Google has blended the best phone networks to provide users the most reliable network anywhere in the world.

Project Fi was talked about briefly before in the video below.

Project Fi aims at providing a global cell phone network where users pay only for what they use. This means that your bill will be different every month, but in the long run you should save yourself some money as long as you’re near wifi.

Google has facilitated the use of wifi as they have worked out deals with businesses to provide free open wifi hotspots to Project Fi users. All you need to do is leave your wifi enabled and your phone will automatically connect to these hotspots.

So how much does it cost? Google charges you $10 per 1GB of data. Yes this is a steep price but remember this is usable anywhere in the world and it combines multiple networks such as Sprint and Tmobile into one cohesive network. If you’re the type of user that is in a city with many hotspots or stay at home most of the time where you have a wifi connection, then Project Fi is something you should consider. Project Fi is definitely not something you should consider if you’re a data hungry user, or if you are not around wifi very often.

Google however does an amazing job at providing you with data on your data usage, your refunds, credits, etc. Everything is on the Project Fi application.

If you ever see a mistake on your bills you can easily call, chat, or email tech support right from the app. It’s really one of the best things about the service.

Project Fi has been an invite only system for the past 10 months. Google recently opened the doors to the public, and to help push the service it is currently running a sale so you can signup and get yourself a  Nexus 5X for $200!

Click here to sign up for Project Fi

Source: Official Android Blog

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