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Baby steps for XBox One reverse engin...

Developer XVMM over at GBATemp published a tutorial + tools that allows people to poke the console for a few hidden details, and run “regular” Win32 applications (except, without any sort of graphic rendering), instead of typical UWP applications. He hopes the explanation could help tinkerers getting started in investigating the system. The developer insists […]

Xbox One hack: Xbox One Exploit Proof...

Developer unknownv2 has released a proof of concept exploit for the Xbox One. The exploit leverages a series of known vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Edge Browser (CVE-2016-7200 and CVE-2016-7241). This is an exploit of the ridiculously rebranded Interenet explorer browser dubbed Microsoft Edge. In November last year, several critical vulnerabilities were found in the Edge […]

3DS Release – Halo Revamped Por...

Developer TCPixel has recently released a port of Halo for the Nintendo 3DS! Halo is one of the most popular FPS games for the original Xbox which has seen ports to the PC, PSP, the Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Thanks to the power of homebrew we can now also enjoy this game on the […]

E3 2017 to be open to consumers!

E3 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo will be open to the public once again on 2017! E3 is different every year, some years it’s only open to news outlets, reporters and video game companies. Other years it’s open to consumers like you and I. This year it looks like it will be the latter as […]

You Can Legally Hack Everything You O...

Prior to 10/31/2016 you risked a lawsuit every time you reverse-engineered your device’s software guts to dig up their security vulnerabilities – Today it is LEGAL! A new exemption to the decades-old law known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act quietly kicked in, carving out protections for Americans to hack their own devices without fear […]

Cyber Monday Deals!

Please disable your ad-blocker in order to view all of the deals on this page! Cyber Monday is here! As you could tell by the Black Friday post you should be able to tell that as a computer and electronic enthusiast Black Friday is definitely not the best sales holiday of the season. Cyber Monday […]

Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday is here! If you’re like me you would rather sit at home in your comfy chair and let USPS or UPS to do the hard work, rather than having to drive through massive traffic and hoping to get a “good” deal on something at a retail store while avoiding crazy people that want […]

How to use PlayStation VR on Xbox One...

The Playstation VR is now on the market, it turns out that you don’t even need a PS4 console to use it! The Xbox ONE and WiiU as well as any other console or any other device which uses HDMI is compatible with it. No hack, mods or customization required! Polygon has tested this and […]

Original Xbox titles could become Xbo...

Microsoft’s Backward Compatibility project for the Xbox One has been a smashing success, with literally hundreds of Xbox 360 titles make their way to the company’s latest consoles. The program is a tremendous boon to Microsoft’s console business, as any Xbox 360 owner can feel comfortable at least some of their investment will carry over […]

Dosbox running on XBOX ONE

A youtube video recently surfaced showing DosBox running on an XBOX ONE. This is not a hack so don’t get too excited just yet. Instead it is using Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, Which is an architecture that lets user create applications for windows 10 and other platforms including windows mobile and XBOX ONE. Developer vcfan […]