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Mathieulh recommends to buy a 3.70 Pro and to “not update it”

Famous PS3 Hacker Mathieulh recently recommended on Twitter to buy a PS4 Pro while those are still on firmware 3.70 and to not update it.

When asked for more details, he said “Anything lower than 4.06 is fine”.

This statement confirms what has been revealed a few weeks ago: the PS4 Jailbreak revealed for firmware 4.01 was recently patched by Sony in Firmware 4.06, meaning any PS4 up to 4.05 should potentially be jailbreakable.

The reason Mathieulh recommends to get a PS4 Pro now is because new PS4 Pro models on the market today are pretty much guaranteed to ship with firmware 3.70. Firmware 3.70 in itself probably doesn’t have anything special except that 1) it is below 4.06 and 2) you always want to stay on the lowest firmware possible if your goal is to jailbreak. As a reminder, new PS4 Slims today ship with firmware 3.55 and should be good as well.

No hacker has announced any release for a PS4 4.05 jailbreak. All we know at this point is that several trusted hackers from the PS3/PS4 scene seem to have access to this jailbreak.

Mathieulh in particular, despite his deep involvement with the PS3 scene, has rarely seen his name associated to any release in the past.

Nevertheless, with growing confirmation that several hackers have access to a jailbreak on 4.05, this could surely bring hope to the people expecting to Jailbreak their PS4.

As always, if you have any interest in homebrews or running unsigned code on your PS4, it’s better to have a plan: Either get a second PS4 that you’ll keep on a low firmware, or ensure your main PS4 stays on a low firmware (which, nowadays, means pretty much unplugging the console from your network)

Source: Wololo.net

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