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NES and Master System emulators released for PS4 4.55

“Someone” has posted NES and Sega Master System emulators for those of us running a hacked PS4 on firmware 4.55.

Named respectively PS4NES and PS4Gear System, the two emulators are said to be in very early stages by m0rph3us1987, who posted the links. So treat them as proof-of-concept tools for now.

Nevertheless, the two seem to work as advertised, as confirmed by the video below posted by seanp2500. Based on early feedback, you’ll need to place your roms in a folder named “roms” at the root of a usb key formatted in fat32. The roms cannot be zipped (they need to be in extracted form) according to Seanp2500.

Download NES and Master system emulators for PS4 4.55

You can download the NES and Master System emulators respectively here and here.

You’ll need a hacked PS4 running firmware 4.55.


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