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Nintendo games can work shockingly well in Dolphin VR

Nintendo Games being played through a VR headset doesn’t sound that great. Until you realize that some of the Wii games could look AMAZING with a VR headset as some of the controls were already created with physical motion in mind.

PC Gamer recently tested the HTC vice with the Dolphin Emulator while playing Metroid Prime. What happened? It works! and it works surprisingly well!

Metroid Prime is an FPS like many others, the main difference is that you’re Samus Aran which is embodied by a full suit of armor and most importantly a helmet which has a visor which can be replicated on a VR headset to make it seem even more realistic!

Dolphin, the GameCube and Wii emulator that’s been in open source development for nearly a decade, has had basic VR support since the Oculus Rift DK2 days. While VR isn’t supported in the main fork, developer Carl Kenner developed a fork called Dolphin VR that now works with both the Rift and the Vive. As he warns on the Dolphin VR site, it’s still very buggy.

Kenner did some custom work to support VR in a number of games, including a range of controller profiles and other settings that help save a ton of tinkering time. But more significantly, he made VR work in games that weren’t designed for it. In the games we tested, you’re free to look around in 360 degrees, and the game HUD follows your head movements instead of staying locked in place. The VR implementation can lead to all sorts of graphical oddities—it’s far from a polished VR experience—but i’ts still a thrill.

To get Dolphin VR working, You can follow this short tutorial on reddit from Kenner. You can download the latest build of Dolphin VR (newer than the one in that reddit post) from his Mega upload here. Fine-tuning for specific games can be complex. There are few good tutorials out there, so be prepared for some frustration trying to get the right controller and VR settings working for your games. Patience and enthusiasm while tinkering are necessities. Like all things modding / hacking related.

Check out the video below to preview the VR goodness and enhancements you can experience on your old Nintendo classics.

Source: PC Gamer

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