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How to Install LineageOS on a OnePlus...

CyanogenMod otherwise known as CyanogenOS has been one of my favorite Android custom roms, because it not only makes Android usable and clean, but it also speeds up your smartphone so you can get it’s full usability without having bloatware and adware applications that hog up resources. Today I bring you another OnePlus One (What […]

Reverse Engineering The Nintendo Swit...

Developer dekuNukem has started a repository where is is posting his finding while attempting to reverse engineer the Nintendo Switch. Reverse engineering is the process of figuring out how something works by carefully examining how things are built, which components are used, finding out what each component does and how it operates on the complete product. […]

Nintendo Switch Webkit Exploit Hack &...

Developer LiveOverflow has published a proof of concept file to confirm the IOS 9.3 webkit exploit is working on the Nintendo Switch. We reported earlier that qwertyoruiop  figured out that his iPhone jailbreak code could be slightly modified and be used to hack the Nintendo Switch. What does Nintendo Switch and iOS 9.3 have in […]

Windows XP Emulated on an iPhone 7

The iphone 7 is a pretty popular smartphone. Under the hood the small device is packing fairly great arsenal of small computer components such as a processor and RAM. Windows XP was one of the most popular Windows releases to date so a user by the name of “Hacking Jules” recently decided to post a […]

The Nintendo Switch Hacked on Arrival...

It seems that the Nintendo Switch has been hacked already! We recently reported on the hidden web browser on the Nintendo Switch as well as the fact that the Nintendo Switch is running what seems to be a freeBSD Kernel. Today we bring you news from hacker qwertyoruiop who is known for Apple IOS jailbreaks […]

RPCS3 PS3 Emulator is Now Better Than...

RPCS3 is a PS3 emulator for your PC which we reported on a while back. At the time we reported they were getting close to having full emulation speed. Today the Emulator is almost fully functional and the framerates are phenomenal! The emulator has seen quite a few improvements recently including Graphics Improvements Game compatibility […]

VitaDB Beta – 3.60 PSVita HENka...

The great thing about homebrew on gaming consoles is that you can extend the life of your console and be able to enjoy other functionality as well as other forms of entertainment from completely indie developers and for absolutely $0 down. The downside? You are typically looking through what seems to be hundreds of websites in […]

ARK FAST for 3.60 HENkaku PSvita

The PSvita has been getting a lot of great homebrew releases lately. Today we bring you a homebrew application by ONEluaTeam that helps you install ARK. What is ARK? ARK is a PSP emulator similar to Adrenaline. What is the difference between ARK and Adrenaline? ARK is a PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for your Vita. It […]

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers w...

Nintendo recently released the Nintendo Switch home console which include two controllers known as the joy-cons. The joy-con’s just like the Nintendo Wii’s Wii-remotes are synced to the console via bluetooth. Unlike the Wii Remotes the joycons can be used on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac and Android without any special drivers. Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers […]

DNSwitch – a utility to make th...

DNSwitch is a utility that allows you to access any website through the Nintendo Switch’s hidden web browser. Video streaming websites seem to be limited although youtube has been confirmed as working. The application is fairly simply and uses technology similar to what you would see at hotels and public hot spots that require you […]

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