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The Nintendo Switch Runs FreeBSD Kern...

Marcan known as one of the famous PS4 hackers has recently posted the following picture on his twitter showing that the Nintendo Switch is running a freeBSD kernel. Well well. Is the Switch the second console this generation to run FreeBSD? pic.twitter.com/YpkJxNjhWF — Hector Martin (@marcan42) March 3, 2017   What is freeBSD?  FreeBSD is […]

Halo Revamped 3DS Update – Perf...

TCPixel has pushed out a new update for Halo Revamped a homebrew application for the Nintendo 3DS! The new update brings Stability updates New maps Up to 8 players! For more info follow the video above and read the description on TCPixel’s video

PSVita 3.63 owners get ready for home...

PSvita owners that have updated to the latest 3.63 firmware have been waiting for something useful to come out to make their doorstop of a console come back to life.Today we bring you hidden applications! A tool released by Idumpvitastuff. This tool leverages psvimgtools which is another tool that was released by Yifan Lu and allows you to […]

Nintendo Goes On a Copyright Strike F...

It seems that Nintendo has employed or is in the works with the Belgian Anti-Piracy Federation which has gone on a copyright frenzy on youtube. Various content creators have received one or multiple copyright strikes on youtube and have had their videos completely removed; some users have also been completely shut down! Users affected include ModzLink […]

Nintendo Switch UI video leaks

User hiphoptherobot seems to have gotten his hands on an unreleased Nintendo Switch console and has given the world a sneak peek of what Nintendo has been cooking up for it’s customers for the past few years. Enjoy the images and video below!

Smealum Updates Homebrew Payload for ...

Firmware 11.3 was released recently by Nintendo. Along with the release the homebrew launcher was temporarily broken as the current payloads were no longer working. Smealum has been hard at work patching up the payloads to allow execution on 11.3 firmware. This proves that smealum is a talented hacker and if a challenge is posed […]

ps4relink – PS4 Remote Play on ...

Yesterday a revolution happened and we are now able to use Adrenaline on innactivated PSvita consoles. Today something similar is being released which allows us to use our PSvitas for remote play from a PS4 console. Hacked Vitas running on firmware 3.60 do not have PSN access, and are therefore losing access to several services […]

New Nintendo 3DS C Stick Upgrade Mod

If you recently purchased the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL you should know that the C stick on these consoles is not the best and hardly even moves which doesn’t give you much feedback. Additionally the stick is very small which ends up being difficult to use sometimes. Alas! I show you […]

3DS Release – Halo Revamped Por...

Developer TCPixel has recently released a port of Halo for the Nintendo 3DS! Halo is one of the most popular FPS games for the original Xbox which has seen ports to the PC, PSP, the Xbox 360, and Xbox One, Thanks to the power of homebrew we can now also enjoy this game on the […]

Tutorial: How to Install Adrenaline t...

The ePSP bubble installer 2.0 application was released today and has kick started the PSvita scene once again! This application allows you to activate a PSvita without the need of a PS3. Activation Previously you needed a PS3 running the latest firmware in order to activate a PSvita. Adrenaline Installation (PSP emulator) Additionally you needed […]

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