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EPSP Bubble Installer 2.0 – All...

Developer CelesteBlue is at it again now with version 2.0 of the EPSP bubble installer which will not only help you install Adrenaline and / or ARK but will also ACTIVATE your PSvita! First and foremost your PSN account must be linked to your Vita if not Restore system and give account details on first […]

Nintendo games can work shockingly we...

Nintendo Games being played through a VR headset doesn’t sound that great. Until you realize that some of the Wii games could look AMAZING with a VR headset as some of the controls were already created with physical motion in mind. PC Gamer recently tested the HTC vice with the Dolphin Emulator while playing Metroid […]

TheFloW shows possible support for ex...

Developer TheFlow, known for an insane amount of PS Vita hacks and tools, just teased an upcoming feature on PS TV: the support for USB Mass storage (external USB Drive). For owners of a PS TV, this could be a game changer as the PSvita can only support Note that this is different from a […]

Nintendo Switch Won’t Have A Basic In...

Nintendo has verified that the Nintendo Switch will not ship with a web browser. The switch will also not include services such as Netflix, Amazon video, Hulu, etc. Nintendo’s president recently responded to questions regarding web services as follows “In terms of the Internet browser, since all of our efforts have gone toward making Switch […]

PS4 Pro Turbo Boost. Does it make a d...

Sony recently pushed out an update which enabled a new featured called “Turbo Boost” for PS4 pro users. What is this? Well it sounds like it’s a slight overclocking of the APU on the PS4 which pushes the CPU / GPU a bit more than the stock clock speeds. You can see a comparison video […]

YouTube is Hacked?!

Youtube seems to be experiencing some sort of glitch where creators are losing more subscribers than usual. Youtube / Google has not announced anything privately but it seems to be affecting multiple creators at the moment.

E3 2017 to be open to consumers!

E3 or the Electronics Entertainment Expo will be open to the public once again on 2017! E3 is different every year, some years it’s only open to news outlets, reporters and video game companies. Other years it’s open to consumers like you and I. This year it looks like it will be the latter as […]

PSVita – PS4 Remote Play withou...

Hacker Yifanlu published a tutorial over at vitasdk.org, explaining how to enable PS4 Remote Play on your PS Vita without PSN Sign-in. This is obviously useful for those of us willing to stay on firmware 3.60: hacked Vitas running on firmware 3.60 do not have PSN access, and are therefore losing access to several services […]

3DS Firmware 11.3 blocks homebrew, Sm...

Nintendo released firmware 11.3.0-36 yesterday, a firmware that seems to specifically target homebrew support on hacked consoles. What does 3DS firmware 11.3 do? The official update says: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience In practice however, this update blocks the 3DS Homebrew Launcher, […]

ePSP bubble installer – ARK/Adr...

Developer ‘CelesteBlue’ has created a homebrew that installs an ePSP bubble on your PSVita easily and WITHOUT a PSP game so you can install ARK/Adrenaline on it. This, of course, saves you the hassle of having to borrow a PS3 or do the risky IDU mode method if you have a PSP. It’s important to […]

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