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PkgDecrypt: Decypts PSvita PKG Files

Developer St4rkDev just released PkgDecrypt for the PS Vita, a tool that lets you decrypt Vita .pkg files.

St4rkDev has figured out some of the decryption keys used on the PSVita and is now able to use them outside of the device. This won’t change much for now. Decrypting packages doesn’t mean you can magically do anything with them, and with HENkaku people pretty much have full access to both homebrews and piracy already, so this doesn’t open new doors here, for now. Nevertheless, pretty good progress here and confirmation that St4rkdev is one of the handful of people who have deep understanding of the PS Vita internals.

St4rkDev also credits proxima for his help on the tool.

Download PkgDecrypt

You will need to compile this yourself as it’s only the source code.

Source: Wololo.net

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