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PS Vita: TheFlow confirms exploit ready for firmware 3.69

Hacker TheFlow, who was behind the h-encore Exploit for PS Vita (among a ton of other releases since the PSP scene), has been at it again. He just announced that he has another exploit ready for the console. As far as the release is concerned, it will come, but… you’ll have to wait.

Basically, the developer has stated the exploit will be released at the “end of life” of the console. “When” precisely is up to interpretation.

Sony have recently released firmware 3.69 for the PS Vita. That update patches the h-encore exploit, so basically if you upgrade to the latest firmware, you’re stuck with a un-hackable device. However, Sony recently announced that they’ll be stopping production of the console in Japan next year. This means support for the console will most likely stop around that time, and that could be when TheFlow chooses to release his new hack.

Then again, Sony has surprised the scene with a firmware update (6.61) for the PSP years after they had dropped support for the console. But that was a non critical update aiming at “wrapping up” support of the old console on the PSN, so from everyone’s perspective, the “end of life” firmware for the PSP really was the one before that, 6.60.

At the very least, it seems we’ll have to wait several months until TheFlow drops his upcoming hack for the PS Vita. Nevertheless, the hacker never stops impressing the scene, by promising yet another exploit for a console that had for long been considered almost impossible to exploit.

Source: Wololo.net

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