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PS4 3.55 – 4.0x Webkit Exploit Released

Developer qwertyoruiop just released a Webkit exploit for PS4s running on Firmware 4.0x. It has been confirmed that the exploit works on consoles ranging from 3.55 up to firmware 4.07 but has been patched in firmware 4.50.

If you want to see if your console is vulnerable to this exploit you can visit the following URL on your PS4 browser http://rce.party/ps4/

If your console is susceptible to this exploit your will get the following message.

If your console is not vulnerable you will get the following message.

What does this mean for the average PS4 user?

Simply put, NOTHING.

This is something that will only come in handy if you’re a developer / hacker. This is only an exploit that has been found. Payloads still need to be developed or ported from the 1.76 PS4 webkit exploit. Developers will need to pick this up and see how far they can go to develop payloads to actually make this useful. Even though this is out in the wild it doesn’t mean that all of the 1.76 payloads will be ported over as it will take many months or years to achieve kernel level access as failOverflow did with the PS4 on firmware 1.76.

If you are wanting to eventually have ‘hacked / jailbroken’ PS4 system now would be the perfect time to purchase a console.

All PS4 consoles currently ship out with a compatible firmware. Just remember not to update it and remain patient!

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