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PS4 Firmware 9.99 – Permanent System Spoof by Zecoxao

PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao who posted a guide on how to decrypt and dump PS4 games  recently Tweeted a picture of a memory edit which tricks the PS4 into thinking it’s on PS4 System Software 9.90 (spoofed) permanently.

This is similar to what Rogero and Rebug Downgrader firmwares did on the PS3. On PS3 the golden firmware was 3.55, these 2 firmwares spoofed 3.55 as 9.99 to then be used as the highest possible firmware which would allow you to run other applications which could only be ran on higher firmware, for example 4.06 (hint hint)

There does appear to be an error which you may encounter as it’s mentioned in a separate tweet.

“For those with the dreaded CE-32875-5… try base + 0x462509 of sceShellCore write 1 byte of 0x00… end of nightmares.

Well you need code that can read and write to userland mem.. Not my place to give out, keep an eye out for a future release.”

Basically a call for help to see who can get this implemented.

What do you think of this? Is this the beginning on the PS4 scene?

Seems to be the right time to buy yourself a 1.76 PS4


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