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PS4 Jailbreak: qwertyoruiop states he has a 4.50 kernel exploit

A lot seems to be happening on the PS4 homebrew scene since Qwertyoruiop released a webkit exploit for the PS4 on firmwares below 4.07 

Quertyoruiop has been busy updated the exploit to provide a few basic system calls so other devs can start to peek and poke at the system.

More importantly Quertyoruiop has stated that he has a kernel exploit which works on the PS4’s higher firmwares. According to him it’s one of those famous 0-day exploits you’ve probably been hearing about in the news lately. The exploit should work on firmware 4.50 by tweeting the following:  “Nothing to kernel in 5 days. GG sony”

Now don’t go updating your console just yet as in order to get to execute this new exploit you also need to use the currently released webkit exploit which only works on firmwares up to 4.07.

Additionally the kernel exploit is still private while the webkit exploit is public so other developers may be able to find other exploits which are usable on lower firmwares.

Stay posted and do not update your PS4 if you have hopes of seeing a jailbreak or another linux port on a higher firmware.

If you don’t have a PS4, now would be a good time to purchase one as they will most likely ship on an exploitable firmware!



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