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PS4 Pro (NEO) DevKit / TestKit OFW 3.70, Pictures and Screenshots

Recently a PS4 Pro (NEO) DevKit / TestKit sold at a bankruptcy United Front Games Auction in Vancouver for $600 Canadian (around $450 USD).

Based on the pictures and screenshots below, the PlayStation 4 Pro DUH-D7000AA Development Kit is on PS4 OFW 3.70 which the PS4 Professional Retail console currently ships with as stock Firmware.


ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-2 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-3 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-4 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-5 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-6 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-7 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-8 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-9 ps4-pro-neo-devkit-testkit-ofw-3-70-pictures-and-screenshots-10

Source: PSXHAX

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