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PS4 / XBox One hacks: TRSI announces Warez is getting close

Popular warez group TRSI announced in one of their Vita releases today that “its” [sic] getting close, talking about PS4 and Xbox One pirate iso releases.

Warez group TRSI promises PS4 piracy is “getting close”
TRSI has been one of the most long standing and popular warez/demo groups, operating for more than 25 years, since the early nineties. Although they are not necessarily the people behind the actual hacks or exploits that would enable piracy on the PS4, such a statement from that group carries some significant weight.

The statement was inserted in the NFO file of a PS Vita warez release. The section about the PS4 and XB1 states:

| EVERYONE wants to know about PS4/X1 - ALL I CAN SAY IS, ITS GETTING |
| CLOSE / HOPEFULLY IT WILL STAY in the wild people.. The back surge  |
| of ps4 *** is going to be insane.. speaking of we through out that |
| World of Final Fatasy ISO PS4 just to get the systems setup / kick  |
| the tires..

A few things to infer from that statement: 1) PS4 seems to be much more convincingly cracked open than XBox One in there. 2) There is a concern that the hack allowing these might get patched if discovered.

Point number 2 is interesting here. People are speculating if this piracy method would work on PS4 firmware 1.76, or 3.xx, or even the latest 4.0x firmwares in light of the recent PS4 Jailbreak announcement (keeping in mind that no release is actually planned on 4.01, and nobody so far has stepped up to release anything that might have been patched after chaitin tech announced they would disclosed their exploits to Sony).

From our perspective, piracy on the PS4 is not interesting without the possibility to run our own unsigned code (homebrews). It remains to be seen if a technique that enables piracy on the device would open doors for Homebrews enthusiasts.

The PS4 and Xbox One have so far been mostly shielded from widespread piracy issues, if you ignore the odd and geographically “contained” Brazilian “jailbreak” on PS4 older firmwares, or Indonesian hack on Xbox One.

Source: Wololo.net

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