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PSvita Adrenaline-2 and Easy installer released!

Adrenaline version 2 is finally out after being promised by TheFlow in February.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that TheFlow wasn’t busy with the Vita as he added USB mass storage device support for easy file transfer and the ability to use a pen drive or external S/HDD via VitaShell.



  • Allowing you to use 64MB in homebrews (PSP 2000+ homebrews can now be run)
  • Letting you use ur0 as the memory stick (ur0 is found on all Vita models even the FAT (1000/1k) ). Beware when using it as nobody has confirmed if long term usage of ur0 is SAFE.
  • An advanced AA was added
  • You can change scren size
  • You may change the way how smooth graphics work
  • The sound issue in “MotorStorm” and some other games has been fixed
  • ms0:/PICTURE and ms0:/PICTURE are now seen by XMB so say hello to custom wallpapers
  • Changing settings in official settings now has effects
  • Files for Adrenaline should now be placed in ux0:/adrenaline not ux0:/pspemu/Adrenaline

Adrenaline 2 download

Adrenaline is one of those homebrews that can be hard to install so a tool was developed specifically to assist you with the install process! The Adrenaline Easy installer 2!

You can download the updated easy installer here

If you need help installing Adrenaline your can use the new files and follow our tutorial on the following page!

How to install Adrenaline on your PSvita running firmware 3.60



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