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PSvita Henkaku – Everything You Can Do So Far

HENkaku has taken the PSvita scene by storm and releases are popping up daily! This release has opened the floodgates to modding the PSvita and we already have plenty of things we can do with this release. Read below for more info.

Since older tools such as VHBL and other 3.18 Native hacks being available some of this information might be a bit confusing to some.

Native PSvita Homebrews on firmware 3.60 with HENkaku

The main goal of HENkaku is to enable homebrew applications to run on the console. HENkaku relies on .vpk files to install applications while other mods such as Rejuvenate uses .velf files.

Applications that work with HENkaku can be downloaded from the links below

PSP Homebrews on Vita 3.60 with HENkaku and VHBL

The Half Byte Loader is steall heavily used on the scene more than 6 years after it’s release on the Sony PSP. Installing VHBL on your HENkaku enabled 3.60 PS Vita will let you run a wide collection of PSP homebrews, including a bunch of emulators.

  1. Follow this tutorial to install VHBL to your 3.60 Vita
  2. Get PSP Homebrews here and here. Note: the process to prepare and install PSP homebrews from within VHBL is convoluted. Thankfully you should now be able to simply install your PSP Homebrews directly in /ux0:/pspemu/PSP/GAMES from the FTP in HENkaku’s shell

PS Vita 3.60 Customization: PS TV Whitelist, Custom Themes, & more

Native access to the Vita system gives us ways to customize some of the look and feel of the console. This includes improving game compatibility, installing custom themes and more!

Future uses: File Encryption / Decryption, Game Dumping and PSP/Vita backups?

Scene Veteran SMOKE recently released a mod of the HENkaku Shell (molecular shell), giving access to more folders beyond the original app0, ur0, and ux0. With SMOKE’s mod, the shell gives you access to tm0, vd0, vs0,… Molecular shell can also be updated to enabled full read/write on a series of folders.

In parallel, popular hacker MrGas demonstrated he is able to decrypt/encrypt PS Vita Save Data. This is potentially a major breakthrough. It could enable, among other things, the search for future exploits in video games, which could become new entry points to exploits such as HENkaku.

On the PSP front, a PSP kernel exploit would be required to run advanced PSP homebrews, plugins, and PSP backups. Nobody has stepped forward to announce such a release at this point. The Zett stated that VHBL will be redundant in the coming weeks, which seems to imply a bigger release could be out soon for the ePSP and HENkaku. Maybe a new PSP kernel exploit?

More information, exploits, homebrew, etc will be posted in the coming weeks!
Stay posted at www.modzlink.com for more info!

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