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Qwertyoruiop claims PS4 is pwned on firmware 4.5X

Qwertyoruiop is in the news again now claiming to have cracked the PS4 on firmware 4.50 – 4.55

This comes days after qwertyoruiop publicly released a webkit exploit for firmwares below 4.07 . qwertyoruiop has confirmed that the both the webkit and  4.50 kernel exploit he recently announced are both working on 4.55 firmware which was just released by Sony.


Everyone is asking and wondering when the day the PS4 gets a jailbreak similar to the PS3 will come. Honestly at this point it looks like qwertyoruiop is simply doing research to try to find other exploits that could be used as backups if needed. He has stated that he does not know if this will be released publicly or not, if you want to stay up to date on the latest news about this follow this blog or simply follow the developer on twitter.

For now we suggest you stay on a lower firmware if possible and if you eventually want to jailbreak your console or install linux on it as was done on PS4 firmware 1.76.

If you want to try out the recently released webkit exploit on a console below 4.07 you can do so  HERE.

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