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Reverse Engineering Playstation VR

Developer bigboss (a.k.a. psxdev) shared a lengthy article on his blog today about early work on reversing the Playstation VR.

The goal of the hacking community with Playstation VR is not a secret: get the Sony device to work on other devices than the PS4. One obvious benefit is that the Playstation VR is one of the cheapest options for VR today. Making it compatible with PC would give a nice entry point to VR for PC owners who don’t want to go with the more expensive options such as HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift.

Bigboss shares early details on how he is reversing the USB protocol used by the playstation VR and accompanying processor unit. He is getting helped by some of the Open Source code that Sony made available as part of project morpheus (the original codename for Playstation VR)

In particular, Bigboss shares the following links to useful information and code, from Sony themselves or other devs of the scene who have started looking into PSVR:

In this first session, Bigboss only goes through a few initialization steps of the USB communication, but it is an interesting read nonetheless, you can check it out here.

Source: Wololo.net

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