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Spoof 3.63 PSN on Your 3.60 HENkaku PSvita with taiHEN R8

Henkaku was released a while back, a couple of months later a beta version dubbed taiHENkaku was released. This version allowed users to install “unsafe homebrew” provided full access to all the directories on the console’s storage and also brought an amazing feature which let you spoof your console from 3.60 to 3.61. This feature allowed you to use PSN services on your HENkaku enabled console. Sony counter acted this by releasing version 3.63 which broke the PSN spoofing feature for users.

Today we bring you the missed PSN spoofing feature which will work on all PSvita’s running the new version of taiHENkaku R8! TaiHENkaku R8 will let you once again go into the settings and enable spoofing. This will spoof your 3.60 PSvita to version 3.63, which will let you enjoy the use of your console online,  as well as let you play against other users and download your PSN purchased games!


  • PSN spoofing works again for 3.63 (it will be fixed in the next firmware, so use it while you can!). Make sure your spoof version is set to 3.63. You can also disable PSN spoofing in molecularShell settings menu.
  • First boot of molecularShell will alert the user to unsafe homebrew and how to enable it.

I suggest you install this update as soon as possible and grab all of your PSvita / Minis as soon as possible as Sony may continue the cat/mouse game and release and update to patch this feature in the coming days.

Install it to your console by using the web browers and browsing to


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