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Tutorial: PSvita 3.60 – Install a PSP Demo Without PSN Access

The PSvita scene is progressing very quickly just as the 3DS and WiiU scenes. Recently Adrenaline (Full CFW PSP emulator for the vita) was released for the PSvita running firmware 3.60 unfortunately in order to install Adrenaline you need a PSP game. Sony released a firmware update so the latest firmware on the PSvita is not 3.63 which renders all of us on 3.60 unable to access the PSN store to download a PSP game or demo.

Alas! There is a way to install a PSP demo to your 3.60 PSvita provided your PSN account is still linked to it.

I’ve put this guide together using instructions from user mummysboy at GBAtemp.

Installing PSP demo to an already activated PSvita on 3.60 without PSN access


1. Format your card
2. Disable updates
3. Connect to wifi
4. Go to beta.henkaku.xyz on your browser
5. Enable unsafe homebrew – start molecular shell – press start – enable option
6. Transfer vitashell 1.43 and adrenaline easy installer to the ux0:/tai directory
7. Install vitashell and adrenaline easy installer vpks
8. Launch vitashell – start and stop the ftp server – press start – reboot
9. Install taiHENkaku again using the molecular installer
10. Start vitashell – start ftp server – all folders should now be visible on your ftp client
11. Browse to Ux0:license/app/VITASHELL/
12. Transfer the randomstringofcrap.rif to PC (need that later)
13. Browse to Ux0: pspemu
14. Make a PSP (all caps) folder
15. Open the PSP folder and make GAME and LICENSE folders in this directory
16. Rename your randomstringofcrap.rif to EP9000-NPEG00011_00-0000000000000000.rif
17. FTP the renamed .rif to the newly created LICENSE folder
18. FTP the NPEG00011 Folder to GAME (eboot and _sce_ebootpbp inside it)
19. FTP adrenaline folder to Ux0 pspemu/
20. Exit vitashell and power off the VITA.
21. Power on VITA using PS Button & Right shoulder & Power button to get to recovery menu – rebuild the database
22. Start taiHENkaku using the molecular installer
23. Start easy adrenaline installer
24. Follow the prompts
25. You now have Adrenaline installed on your PSvita running 3.60 FW with YOUR psn account.

**this will not work with a PSvita that has been restored**


Source: GBAtemp

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