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VitaPad 1.1 released. Use your PS Vita as a controller for your PC (now with Linux support)

Developer Rinnegatamante just released an update to his tool VitaPad, which lets you use your PS Vita as a controller for your PC. VitaPad requires a hackable PS Vita (that is, a PS Vita running on firmware 3.60).

The biggest update with version 1.1 is that VitaPad now supports Linux. Additionally, the developer tweaked a few things to improve the experience.

The full changelog (From the developer):


  • Added Linux support (big thanks to nyorem).
  • Added possibility to change controls binding by editing the XML file even during execution.


  • Now the application uses a safe eboot.


  • Added mouse emulation through touchscreen (mouse movement) and retrotouch (mouse clicks).

Download VitaPad 1.1

You can download VitaPad 1.1 from the author’s website here.

Source: VitaPad 1.1 released. Use your PS Vita as a controller for your PC (now with Linux support) – Wololo.net

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