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VitaShell 1.61 Released – Important Bug Fixes and USB Mass Storage on PSTV

Vitashell 1.61 is here and brings a much needed feature to the PSvita scene! The ability to use a USB flash drive or portable hard drive as a mass storage device. This has been a wanted feature since day 1 as the PSvita and PSTV expensive Sony proprietary storage cards similar to micro SD cards but at more than 4x the price.

What’s VitaShell?

VitaShell is a file manager that does a lot more than just provide a GUI for file management. It allows you to connect your PSVita to a computer via USB and copy stuff over like you do on a pendrive. VitaShell 1.6 added a theme manager, the ability to mount pendrives/external harddisks/USB mass storage devices to a PSTV/Vita TV and brought about various bug fixes.


  • You may now mount a USB mass storage device (pendrive/external HDD) to your PSTV/Vita TV via USB and use it as ux0! This allows you to avoid buying an expensive Vita memory card.
  • You can mount game carts as USB devices
  • Long file names now scroll
  • An option to refresh LiveArea has been added
  • Sort By option added
  • Various bug fixes
  • A theme selector
  • ‘Electron’ theme by Acemad, who won TheFlow’s contest is now a part of VitaShell
  • A database corruption error was fixed when mounting ux0 via USB
  • An insufficient memory error when mounting uma0 was fixed
  • Fixed a glitch in which pressing triangle in UNSAFE mode would crash VitaShell

Be aware that not all USB storage devices will work with the PSTV due to power requirements! This does not work on the PSvita obviously as it doesn’t have a native USB type A port.

You can download the updated app by simply launching the vitashell app on your VitaTV or PSvita.

You can also get the VPK on the official github page.

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