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Xbox One hack: Xbox One Exploit Proof of Concept released, based on Chakra exploit

Developer unknownv2 has released a proof of concept exploit for the Xbox One. The exploit leverages a series of known vulnerabilities in the Microsoft Edge Browser (CVE-2016-7200 and CVE-2016-7241).

This is an exploit of the ridiculously rebranded Interenet explorer browser dubbed Microsoft Edge.

In November last year, several critical vulnerabilities were found in the Edge browser, and disclosed by Microsoft as they patched them. A proof of concept was released for these vulnerabilities by developer Brian Pak, demonstrating how to use them in an exploit. This is known as the Chakra exploit, and a good read on the topic can be found here.

Hacker unknownv2 has built his Xbox One exploit on top of Brian Pak’s proof of concept. In the developer’s words:

The POC itself was mostly complete, but the first bug (CVE-2016-7200) it used was patched on the console. I used Json.Parse bug (CVE-2016-7241) to leak addresses instead and after a bit of tweaking with the values, I was able to get the correct address for the chakra.dll. From there, I modified the POC by changing the code addresses for the gadgets and the VirtualProtect function call to make the shellcode executable.

Currently the Xbox One has a sandboxed AppContainer protection just like Windows 10. Therefore, the Edge app and its code has restricted access to the file’s resources and further work is needed to escalate the process’s privileges. This could be in the form of a kernel exploit.

The sandbox is similar to the PS4 in the sense that it is limited in what you can do, but its the same thing as getting RCE on Edge on Windows 10 essentially.


Unknownv2’s exploit works on XBox One’s firmware 10.0.14393.2152 (released in December last year), according to the developer. Note that a new firmware update for Xbox One was released earlier this week, it is not clear of that firmware patches the vulnerabilities involved here.

Download Chakra exploit for XBox

You can get the necessary files from the developer’s github here.



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